Sunday, 22 February 2009

Where is it?

This “town and gown” is situated in north - western Europe. It is very old and world - famous town.
During the school year the streets and lanes are full of students. They have moved among the colleges, libraries and auditoriums for 800 years.
At the beginning of 12th century the first school came into existence here because the students were forbidden to study in Paris. Firstly this University did not have its own buildings. The students and their masters were living in the town and they were meeting in some rooms or “under the open sky”. Later the first colleges were built. It was in 13th century. Every college had a chapel and a big dining room where all the members of the college were having dinner together.
In about 1 500 younger boys were admitted to the school – the boys at the age of 12 – 13 years. They were educated for the church, the law or for the state service. Now the field of study´s offer is several tens – from Information Technology to Egyptology.
In 1878 – 1879 the first girl college was established here. In spite of it the women had to wait till the year 1920 to get the full membership at the University.
There are the University buildings from 13th to 20th century the part of medieval town. The visitors can admire architecture of individual periods in historical continuities. But it is impossible to find large University campus.
The movies Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter were filmed here.

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