Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Faithful John - story

Friar John, without worries

Once upon a time the king heard about a friar who was known as someone who never worried about anything. One day, he decided he was going to put him into trouble and told him that he had to answer three questions:
1-Houw much does the moon weigh?
2-How much water has the sea got?
3-What do I think?
If he couldn’t answer these questions, he would be killed. Friar John went home and met the miller on the way and he asked him why he was so worried. He said he had to answer three questions in three days and if he couldn’t answer them, the king would kill him. The miller told him: “don’t worry; I will go to the king’s presence and I will answer your questions.” And so he did. Disguised as Friar John we went to the king’s presence. So the king asked him:
1-How much does the moon away?
He told him that the moon couldn’t weigh more than a pound as everybody said that it had four quarters.
“It’s true.” Said the king. “And now, how much water has the sea got?”
“That’s easy to answer”, said the miller, “but as your majesty only wants to know the water of the sea, it’s necessary first to stop all the rivers from flowing into the sea.”
The king thought he gave a good answer, but seeing Friar John was escaping the difficulties of his questions, he asked angrily:
- “Now, if you don’t know what I think, I’ll have you killed!” The miller answered:
- “Well, your Majesty thinks you are talking to Friar John without worries, but you are just talking to his miller.
He dropped his Capuchin friar and the king was amazed at his smartness.

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